my room is so clean and organized. i’m so happy. rearranged some furniture too. feeling good. all i need now is some sleep. i’ll start decorating tomorrow. thinking about painting the walls another color

I go from “FINALLY FINISHED WATCHING ALL MY SHOWS” to “Oh, where did this 6000 page list of new shows come from?” in less than 0.00000000000001 seconds

Ani: ugh i'm turning into a real adult. i hate it
Me: dude it was bound to happen. just dress in overalls and pigtails with bows at the ends and watch sailor moon with some apple juice on a sunday morning every week. it slows the aging process, i promise

3 weeks ago, Ms. _________ asked if anyone had seen the Croatoan episode of Supernatural and I shot my hand up and everyone looked at me in shock and I thought “fuck it” and proceeded to fangirl with my Government teacher for 2 minutes. Yeah, did I forget to mention that? I was so happy lmao

Animes to Cosplay from

Lately I’ve been having so trouble trying to remember animes I’ve watched and felt a need to cosplay from, so I went online and on Netflix to try and figure it out and here they are. I know AX is just a few weeks away but maybe I can try and scrape something up. If not, I can wear an old cosplay and continue on one of these for a future con.

  • Last Exile
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Kaze No Stigma
  • Soul Eater
  • FMA
  • Angel Beats
  • Origin; Spirits of the Past
  • Eden of the East
  • Host Club
  • Air Tv
  • Madoka Magica Puella Magi
  • Sailor Moon

I’m really upset with myself for never remembering the million animes I’ve watched because I never know what to cosplay until a few weeks before a con :<





Moooooom can’t u just let me shop online? I really hate going to the mall cause it’s exhausting.

I tried watching Elfen Lied a long time ago but it was so disturbing i didnt get past 15 minutes into the first episode, but now someone I follow is posting it and I think I’ll try it again.

This is a “Mostly-Sailor-Moon-and-Other-Animes-and-then-some” blog now.

wow. why am i doing this to myself? I just rewatched Serena and Darien’s breakup in SMR. I can’t handle this.

I love taking care of my hair. It feels so nice and long and it’s getting healthier (9 w 9) Happy hair makes happy Aleenieweenie.